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Master Prophet Noel created a course that will take you step by step in helping you hit the lottery & scratch off jackpot. Each session will include three simple steps.

# 1- Hit The Lottery Jackpot Prayers

# 2- Hit The Lottery Jackpot Self Hypnosis

# 3- Hit The Lottery Jackpot Purification

I will teach you how to summon Santa Muerte a powerful deity to come to you in dreams and visions and reveal the dates and times to play the lottery.

This powerful deity will show you which game to play and the amount of money to invest for success. If you want to increase your chances of hitting the lottery jackpot this course is for you.



Option # 1 - $300. - 2 Sessions A Week For 1 Month - 10 x 60 Min Phone Mentorship - Receive Hit The Lottery Jackpot Candle, Soap, Spray, Prayer Beads, Audio CD, Prayer Shipped To Your Home In 7 Days.

Option # 2 - $150. - 2 Sessions A Week For 1 Month - 10 x 30 Min Phone Mentorship



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